Monday, February 2, 2009

A simple truth

I was mulling over the concept of prayer today. And I came away from that time with this simple truth:

In order for prayer to work, to accomplish the purpose for which God created it, we have to actually pray.

Not read about prayer in the Bible, not read a book written about prayer, not talk to others about prayer & how it changes lives....

Just pray.

All those other things are good, but they must be used to help us "work out our own salvation." We have to pray. There's no getting around the work, no shortcuts, no "10 steps to answered prayer."

Just pray. But, oh, the rewards!!


John Kowalsky said...

Have you read The Shack?

Organizing Mommy said...


I am NOT sure if we have met, but either way--here we are--friends online. My family seems to be "everywhere". We are spread out in 17 different directions: the YMCA, Rockford College Music, Rockford Robotics, Believers Bible chapel, Hallstrom, Maywood co-op (in years past), Whiz kids at ?? and just general shopping and such..

Either way, love your thoughts on prayer. I am reading about prayer also. It is an old book by James McKonkey. Blessings!